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Delivery Service

Our regular delivery schedule is Monday thru Friday 10-2pm.

0-3 miles, $50 minimum, $5 delivery fee.
Over 3 miles, but less than 5 miles, $50 minimum, $10 delivery fee.
5 miles, but less than 7 miles, $75 minimum, $20 delivery fee.
All other locations, please call 262-522-9611 Monday thru Friday

9-5pm for a delivery quote.

Due to limited Delivery personnel, our delivery services are not guaranteed unless approved.
Deliveries are prioritized by advance day requests and location.

Our regular delivery schedule is Monday thru Friday 10-2pm.

Delivery schedule exceptions are reserved for Catered Events; please see our Buffet and Appetizer Menus for additional information.

Please feel free to contact the Catering Office at 262-522-9613 anytime to comment on our delivery services or personnel.

We also offer online ordering services. | ORDER ONLINE |
We hope to serve you soon!

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Gift cards can be purchased at the deli, you can e-mail us (call the business line), or fill out this form and fax it to us. Gift cards can be picked up in person or we can send them out by mail.

143 W. Broadway ~ Historic Waukesha
Deli Orders: (262) 522-9611
Fax Orders: (262) 522-9612
Business Office (Catering): (262) 522-9613